Thursday, March 31, 2011

BJD - Hooty Tooty and her big Booty

So i've been working nonstop (ish) on my newest dollie, Hooty Tooty! i'm so inspired, I have to take her as far as she can go! Gah these photos are so horrible but I only have 13 minutes left to prove that I've done something here they are!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BJD - doodles and plans

I've been staring at my cintiq and wasting 60 watts of power an hour all day today. Animation...just wasn't happening. I've also been staring at pet owl videos all day long, and mourning the fact that I can't have one as a pet (it is impractical and unfortunately immoral). Not to say that people who do have owls as successful pets are would just apply more to me. So then I move to deviantart to see what kind of artwork people have been doing. It would be so easy to draw a cutesy owl, but what could I do with it that hasn't been overdone?
I present to you Hooty Tooty! She is going to be 6 inches tall. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Light Painting - Act II - Storyboards

Here are the boards for the upcoming epic light painting venture I am taking on. There will be a combination of stencil, traced pixelation, and freehand lightpainting (WITH GUIDES).


Commercial from Rachel Gitlevich on Vimeo.

This guy here one first place at the Shorts and Shots project 21 networking screening event! Thank you Stephanie Yuhas for organizing such a phenomenal event!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Light Painting - Act II painting in the middle of winter leads to things like this:

Light Painting from Rachel Gitlevich on Vimeo.

and this:
and this:
(these last two videos were...for some small to play on vimeo. BALLS)

However, for some reason, whether it is not good enough, or it makes for bad compositing or WHATEVER, more needs to be done. So...I have 4 epic shots planned. Will give more details tomorrow.....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SEAGULL--new shot done!

seagull flying from Rachel Gitlevich on Vimeo.

New shot done! Markers are there for the real background so editor knows where to pan. Rotoscoped.

I've kind of taken a break from blogging. I felt that I needed to regroup myself. I have been doing art daily though! For example, I have added definition and started on a leg for my deer boy, and have made some funny little monsters with my art students! I'm doing something a day! I just....didn't feel like logging on and posting it.

Monday, March 14, 2011


So...I've REALLY been obsessing over this song for the past two months:

And i'm hankerin on maybe doing a music video for it way way down the line. So i'm sort of sketching around and conceptualizing bits and pieces of it.

My take on this song is that its kind of Ophelia's (Hamlet) internal monologue about her relationship with hamlet. A lot of the lyrics coincide, and I feel its good to show something different from what the song is singing about. Trying to be more metaphorical.

The concept i'm toying with for now, is to show two sides of ophelia. The delicate crazed girl from the book, and her dark inner self. I don't want to show too much of "outside" ophelia - just enough for a slightly know-how audience to understand the hamlet references. I don't mind keeping this vague and "music video" like. I'm not really showing a story, trying to convey an emotion. The rest of the song will take place in Ophelia's inner void. I want to keep it as void like as possible. The floor however, is black water. So whenever she steps you will see dark blue rings suggesting as much.

I've also picked up on a sort of...procession or marching theme in the music. Maybe I'm crazy, but that's what I hear. Towards the end of Hamlet, Ophelia - completely messed up from the goings around of Denmark (?), "accidentally" drowns herself. I'm thinking that I want to heavily hint on a funeral procession in this video as well. Rows of people marching past ophelia as she sings on the floor. And yes, this entire thing is from her point of view and she is singing the entire time. are some early scribbles of storyboards:

For the starting sequence, we would see Florence/Ophelia being carried, and swinging back and forth with the steps of the thing/man carrying her as she sings.
She is lowered onto the surface...and at the right musical juncture she falls through the floor with a splash. I was debating wether or not to have her slowly floating down into the abyss for the next sequences, but I'm not sure about the transitions quite yet.
Playing around with line color, proportions. Not there yet. I'm happy with the overall effect, but much work needs to be done for the character. That and...why the hell is she smiling!?
Hurray for emoting! I hope this doesn't come off as angsty. That's the last thing I would want! I mean, as angsty as the song is, and as angsty as ophelia's situation would no doubt be...I want to convey elegance, inner strength, and defience for ophelia's inner monologue character. After all, isn't that how we percieve ourselves in indignant situations? I was trying for the whole "in motion" thing. I also wanted to treat her hair a little bit like alphonse mocha treats the decorative elements in his pieces. I don't want to show the lines where hairs overlap if I can help it. Would the hair be a bitch to animate? Yes. Will it be worth it?
Other ideas I am playing with, is to have the marching people do a very....not jerky..but...mechanical(?) kind of dance, and for a tango betwixt ophelia and hamlet.

We'll see how this developes. I'm really into this idea, and I don't want to be discouraged from it quite yet. I feel like part of being an artist is exploring your reactions to things, and to be confident about displaying them. I censor the things images in my head heavily (for such a chatterbox I know its kind of hard to tell...), and overanalyze them before I show people. I want to experiment a little...and put my heart out on my sleeve with this one. Push those boundries.


In the spirit of "one a day", I give you my friend althea. The poster child of creative sanity!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

SEAGULL -- a little rotoscoping

Got shot 01 finished for the film I'm animating on. I apologize for the dreadful perriwinkle background, it is 2:32 am after all.

I also apologize for not using vimeo. For some reason, when I export out of flash, my file sizes are rather small, and vimeo doens't recognize them as movies. I'll have to email them about that v__v. I wish I could use facebook uploader on here. Facebook is surprising awesome when it comes to uploading videos....

Sorry for taking over a week to post something new. Its been a stressful week, and I was hit with artists block. There wasn't much I could do about it, save do some god awful drawings. But a trip to Allentown and a kick in the ass from my director did the trick! Also, seeing Secret of Kells helps. You can't help but feel guilty and stupid when there are artists hard at work producing work like that, and all you do is sit around like a sissy moping about some "artists block," whatever that is...

Friday, March 11, 2011

For Juno

....this is the only way I can express my feelings about juno's latest blog post...

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Before all of you think that I'm some kind of puppet building guru, I need you to stop and LOOK AT THIS.

I will briefly feature some of my favorite pieces of hers:

Without her help, Chao Mein and Boris would not have been made. So do yourselves a favor and check out her work!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I am currently working to get a puppet web series off the ground. I'll do more blog posts about it later to bring y'all up to date. But for today I managed to make much progress in one of the characters, Chao Mein. He's a Chinese businessman who runs a small animation studio named Hao Long studios.

I finally gave him his hair cut, and Olexandra (family friend) made him amazing clothes. He was started before I began this blog, but I'll do a history overview catchup post sometime soon.

Oleksandra making pants

swanky pants and tie!

 All that's left to do is attach his pants and buttons, make a belt, and give him his suspenders. Then I'll make his arm rods!

While I'm at it, I'll show Boris off too!

DUONG TRAN ART & ASSORTED: Behind The Scenes - Doritos Superbowl Spot

Shout out to my buddy Duong Tran, the brilliant compositor for the doritos spot. He did a really neat breakdown of how he composited the shots. Go check it out!

DUONG TRAN ART & ASSORTED: Behind The Scenes - Doritos Superbowl Spot

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More Set Painting / Filler Post

I decided to take a bit of a day off today. I just...couldn't wrap my mind around being awake. I finished the stupid shingles though! Man they took FOREVER

By the way...set painting totally counts as background painting. BECAUSE I'M PAINTING BACKGROUNDS. I love it when things magically become relevant in my life....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I really miss my HS theater. It was the confirmation that I should go to art college, and also what inspired me to pick up a film major along the way. Still looking for that same environment on a professional level. Maybe one day I'll find it.

Here are some things I've painted:

Not too shabby, eh?