Saturday, June 4, 2011


On Friday I sculpted a zombie head based on a zombie sketch I did. 

I think I'm O.K. with his eyes being a touch crooked....

I also sculpted a horse head today. I need to sculpt *SOMETHING*, and what started out as a human head, ended up being a horse head. 

I realized that as an artist....I sculpt and own sculpts of plenty of heads. I think its safe to say that I have sculpted/own about...*counts*....13. This doesn't count the ones that actually have bodies. I don't know if its because heads are so easy to sculpt and cheaper to buy, or because they are more expressive, but I have too many of them. And all of them are incomplete. Most of them are too big for me to make bodies for. Materials are costly and the process becomes more tedious than enjoyable. 

claygull mockup for seagulll animation

sculpted as a puppet head years ago

also sculpted to be a puppet head

horrible photo, designed to be a test for animating hair

head maquette for Jebb

my misa minky bjd - currently trying to sculpt a body for him

A cerberus project Shiwoo head, I tatooed him

A Danbi bjd head. Had him for years, he's handsome, but his character just isn't coming to me :(
A dragon puppet head

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Sean Glaze said...

I like this post alot. Sculpting rules. and you're good at it. lets sculpt something