Sunday, April 10, 2011

Zoetrope Adventures pt. 1

So I stayed up till 3 in the morning on THURSDAY finishing these up, and didn't get a chance to post till!? *grumps*

I was commissioned by the PHILLY MURAL ARTS PROGRAM to do a zoetrope for them! Pretty neat huh? So...I got a little carried away and designed some pretty complicated zoetropes within zoetropes and other such nonsense. They wanted to go with something simpler/easier (don't blame them!) for the first one. I PRAY that its a success, because not only will this promotional zoetrope bring more tours to look at philadelphia's beautful walls, but also because they will comission more from me, and maybe we can build up to these.

I had a myriad of ideas, but I decided to make rendered drawings of these two:


Sean Glaze said...

you are absolutely nuts hahaha

Duong Tran said...

oh wow, I'd love to see these actually get made!!