Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oboro Muramasa Background-WIP 2

Eghads, off the bat and I'm already not keeping my word! Mayhaps I am too ambitious? More likely I'm letting errands, sleep, and the final season of the Tudors keep me distracted. But, I am still working! I did not post anything I did yesterday because there was no real way to show it. I've been working on all the components, and putting them together in AE.
Something else I enjoy about the Oboro Muramasa backgrounds is the subtle animation in them. Giving backgrounds for animation/game a slight motion tends to bring them to life, no? So, here are some screen shots of what I have done so far. I need to figure out an efficient way to animate the grasses.

Although I like the way the sky fits into here, It is too overpowering for a background. I'm going to go for the more yellow/overcast sky in my reference picture. I'll either play around with the sky in AE or redo it completely in photoshop. 

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