Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oboro Muramasa Background-WIP

Busy day today! Unfortunately was not able to *complete* anything. You can all slap my wrists. I decided to start out with a background from a Japanese video game called Oboro Muramasa. Its absolutely gorgeous. So I wanted to make an animated background to start out with. So of the many different options I had, I decided to go with the following as the base for my first exercise:

I really loved how this one stretch took place during sunset, so I wanted to emulate that.  Very often I find that I completely ignore "time of day" when doing a background. Lighting can add so much to the *feel* of a piece, and that is dependent upon time of day. After looking at some photos and starting, I realized that I'm doing something a little to complicated for the kind of sky they use here, which is overcast.

Definitely not one of my best skies, but its a WIP, so hopefully I'll have more energy for detailing it tomorrow. Here it is!


Ashley K. said...

Okay this is awesome and I was wondering are you doing for portfolio or client? ^^

Rachel Gitlevich said...

Hey! Long time no talk ^^
I'm doing this for my portfolio