Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So, recently I got into Bucks County impressionism. Its neat stuff! What I like is how hot it is right not! Seriously, paintings are going for like, 20 grand a pop!

I figure it would make a great background exercise for me! I went out with my boyfriend and we took tons of pictures outside in the snow with the new camera I bought him for his birthday. We visited where George Washington crossed the Delaware, and took pictures during the nonstop snowstorms we've been getting here!

Seeing as B.C.I. is all done in oils, I cracked out my oils and decided to do my background in them. Gosh, I forgot how awesome they were!

So here is what I got after today! This is only the first coat! I gotta wait for it to dry before I add all the snow in the trees, otherwise my white will get all muddy because they'll be mixing with the wet paint underneath.


J. Mendiola said...

Looks awesome, dude! Maybe layout design is your forte?

Rachel Gitlevich said...

It sure seams the bulk of what I've been doing since graduating...

I'm working off of a hunch here, but it seems to be the job all my animator friends want me to do whenever I collaborate. I do still consider myself an animator. I actually suck at layout...background painting is what I'm good for XD

Octoberstudios said...

I'd love to see you break it down into layers, import into After Effects and create a camera move through the landscape.

Great job