Saturday, February 19, 2011


I don't think my painting went over very well with my commissioner/boss. He says its...flat. He also went on to mention that it wasn't impresionistic enough, and lacked...err...emotion? Or...feeling?

This isn't the first time I've heard this about my paintings. Everyone classifies them as rigid and academic. Even 4 years at a pretty loosey-goosey art school didn't loosen me up enough. Perhaps impressionism isn't my cup of tea? Well, I'll try again. I have an idea for a new painting (sunny this time...)

 My boss took me to a gallery in Lahaska. All the paintings there were of idylic landscapes and had some kind of interesting lighting going on. I guess mine was too uniform and moody? *shrug* who knows.

I just know that I can sense a little piece of the artist's spirit in whatever artwork I look at. Even if I can't always see it, I can still sense its there, and can appreciate it for what it is. I just can't convey the same thing in my paintings though. 

Curious to do you inject life into your art?


Mike said...

I don't think that emotion can be put into a snow covered landscape. I think maybe what he was going for was more so... atmosphere?

As for how to help... im no help becasue I'm not really a painter, specially a landscape painter. I would suggest looking at Al Gury's work. He is the head of the painting dept at pafa, teaches in the illustration department at uArts and is an amazing man!

Look at his stuff and try and contact him, I'm sure that he would atleast talk to you or help you.

I know he was a HUGE fan on alla prima, which is one time paintings, no reworking or working back into. That might help keep you loose... maybe haha.

J. Mendiola said...

Honestly, I think that's something you can only figure out on your own.

But what I can tell you is that I find more life in your landscapes for animation then in your "fine art" landscapes, which are technically sound.

I've heard that most answers can be found in your own work.

Duong Tran said...

Just toss paint around like Jackson!!!