Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Ok...this really isn't fair. I swear to god I only just posted a few days ago. Its been over a week. WHY!!!!!! I realize I've been so busy I haven't even checked my email! (Ironically I'm on facebook enough, but that's just because cupcake corner whirrs in the background while I work on stuff).

So...I suppose I have been working on something a day.

I'm a huge lover of Asian ball jointed dolls. Unfortunately I do not have the money to fund a collection, so I get bits and pieces of dolls second hand. They are far from mint quality, but I still utterly love them. I am currently in the process of casting a koi mermaid boy - KIO, and have already tried sculpting an MSD sized one around 4 years ago. His head is cute, the rest is....epic fail to say the least. A while back I bought a hand made doll head, and thought it would be fitting to make a hand made body for him. And here is the start. He had a lower half to his torso (hips) but they broke after they cooled off. I need to figure out a new material to work in for the rest of his body...something more durable. So, here is his torso and doom hand:

We also gave my friend's doll torso a long overdue sex change. Hurray for sanding toxic resin boobies!


Ugh...long day. Woke up at the crack of dawn to get to my sister's figure skating competition. She won
first place!

Made an Asian fish kite with one of my students:

And did figure drawing with my other student. She's really quite good! She did each of her drawings in 10 minutes. I drew along with her to show her how the body fits into perspective. I know its a tad much to expect from a 10 year old...but she's very keen. Here's a photo (taken after the fact!) for comparison.  

Abby's first venture into figure drawing! HER FIRST!!!

What can I say...I have kickass students :)

Worked all day editing photos in photoshop. Glad to say my lasso skills are exemplary now. Still plowing through a still life with my student. Here are a few examples of the kind of things I am surrounded with at work:  

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