Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Wow, its been forever since my last post. How is it that every day drags by so slowly, and yet every week just whizzes right by? Sheesh!

So, I have to say, that I've had one of the best damned Valentines days ever. For starters, I met Jamie Calieri, who has been one of my favorite animators/directors for years! Do yourselves a favor and look at HIS WORK. You WILL recognize what he has done, I promise.

So, I've managed to meet Eric Goldberg (Ottawa), Yuri Norstein (Pratt), and Jamie Calieri (Uarts). Watch out Brother's Mcleod and Hayao Miyazaki! You're next!

I managed to get his presentation on video. Sound is out of sync and he's far away, but its something! Jamie giving some good advice:

Hard to top, I know. My day ended wonderfully today. I had two fantastic lessons with my students. I drew one of them:
She has the best bangs out of anyone I've seen!

 I also did stamps and stencils with my other student. Nothing the universe should ever care to look at, but, seeing as I'm the most common visitor to my blog, I can post whatever I want to see :)

NETWORKING HINT: It really helps to get someone to introduce you to someone famous. If you come up by yourself, you come off as a fan. If you can get someone already connected to said famous person give an introduction, then you're worth something. Unfortunately my introduction went awry....ah well. At least he has my business card!

SHOUT OUT to ADRIEL GARCIA, my valentine :)


J. Mendiola said...

I wish I was in Philly to meet the guy.

Rachel Gitlevich said...

I recorded his entire presentation. I can edit it together and post it up for you if you like. He had some neat bits to say :)